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Author Oct 2004

  Branch Chairman: George Monaghan

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Thank you  for dropping in and taking the time to view our pages.  This is not a magical mystery tour, just some background into our Regiment: The Queens Own Highlanders (Seaforth & Camerons), with information on the Lovat Scouts. See the link at the bottom of the page if you need more information about any of the regiments, or people who served with them.

We also have some items for sale from cufflinks to ice buckets, buttons, ties, pens, notepads, music CDs, videos and history books, not forgetting our very exclusive Christmas Cards.  Quality products at affordable prices. Have a look at the
"Sales" page for ideas on gifts  available from Cameron Barracks in Inverness or the Regimental Museum at Fort George situated in Ardersier by Inverness, about 12 miles north east of the town.

Once you have read our history pages, and that of the Lovat scouts, selected your online goodies, had a look at some of the photos it gets rather boring to see the same old pages every time you visit.   If you have any military photos or goods please get in touch, and we will try to publish them for you. The site will be constantly updated and worth revisiting. Join our mailing list at the bottom of the page to keep up to date and informed.

Got a story to tell?  Then tell us, Regimental anecdotes are always welcome. Help me keep the pages fresh with new material that will have you coming back again and again.  Who knows YOU might appear here next time around! The views expressed are those of their respective authors, and not necessarily that of the Regimental Association.

Don't forget to visit our "Futures" page to keep up to date on what is happening within the Regimental Branches, full diary of events will be published shortly.  Presentation of New Colours by HRH Prince Charles  is scheduled to take place in 2001, War Orbat and international tensions permitting!  This of course has now taken place. Click link for pictures.

Have a good browse; if you have any comments or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact me.  Please, Please, please tell your friends about the site, especially your overseas friends or family.  Let’s get plenty of visitors to our site and with their comments hopefully we can build something they will want to visit time and time again!

Thanks again for taking the time to read our pages, take care now, remember old soldiers never die, we merely fade away (I wish someone would tell my waistline that) see you around, or out on the world wide web!

The Queens Own Highlanders Regimental Association was formed some years after the Regiment and is used to help, aid and assist any ex-member who request same.  The Association also gives "Grants in Aid" to deserving ex-members who may need particular assistance at any time, for example a Grant may be given to someone who had developed an illness that required his home to be adapted for his special needs etc.  Equally a member who had fallen on hard times may get assistance to pay something as ordinary as an outstanding gas bill, rent etc.

To ensure that money is granted fairly and equally the Association calls on the services of
SSAFA officers to investigate each case and decide the merits of each submission for assistance.  This also ensures that no Association member can accept/reject any case for any personal reasons, or that any applicant should feel he is being unfairly treated.  For a number of ex-members this assistance has proved to be a valuable lifeline in securing employment,  short term assistance for debt, money or advice when it is needed most.  Each applicant is treated in the strictest confidence and can be assured that no unauthorized person will be aware of their business or circumstances.

While this is a very important part of the Association's activity it is in the field of social interaction that most of the work is done.  Keeping the membership informed is a full time task for those at our RHQ in Cameron Barracks in Inverness and we are much indebted for their sterling work.  The main point of contact with what's happening in our parent regiment is our biannual Magazine, "The Highlander." (Subscriptions available on request) where each branch has the opportunity to publish "Branch Notes" to let everyone else know what's on and when.  We also have "The Link", (Brainchild of Brig MacLellan) this is intended to provide a "Link" between each Association branch and our parent regiment; "The Highlanders".  Each Company within the regiment will adopt an individual branch and arrange social activity or hosting between them, or at least that's the idea.  Still much in its infancy this "Link" should be successful if properly utilised.
Link is now established; check The Highlanders page for details.

The mainstay of the Association are its individual branches, and they are dotted all over the country as follows:

                                            Aberdeen & North East
                                              Highland (Inverness)
                                      Northern Ireland (now operational)
                                               Southern (England)
                                                     Pipe Band


Should any ex-member of the Regiment wish to contact the branch in his area then please phone RHQ, Inverness, on Tel/Fax:01463 224380. Or see our Contacts Page For Addresses.

It is here that a great deal of work is done in keeping each other aware of current events and what is being planned for the future.  The Pipe Band for instance, appears to be in great demand to play all over the country and I don't know how they manage to fit it all in to their own person busy schedules!  Here in Strathclyde we try to organise the occasional dinner/dance and trips to other branches, notably Inverness (Highland) who have access to Cameron Barracks, and these are always well received by the membership.

Branch Officers are all volunteers and we would be totally lost without their input in keeping our Association alive.  It is no easy task trying to organise events and hold down a full time job, but somehow they manage it.  Should any reader out there who can help any branch please do not hesitate to get in touch!  Every little bit helps.

I have previously mentioned our RHQ at Cameron Barracks in Inverness but nearby is our Regimental Museum at Fort George, who are about to have their own web site, probably by the end of  2000. This is very much worth a visit and friends of the museum are much needed.  If you are in the area  the Tea room is always handy to stop and have a blether over a nice cuppa.  Equally you could always call at the Tea-room in Ardersier, home baking, family atmosphere, clean & tidy, don't miss one of them.  At night I do believe they have the Ardersier Beat Club, or was that Spandau in Berlin, I never can remember which!!?

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